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The Activate Solution works to give you healthy mitochondrial activity that is essential for your brain health, liver, heart + muscles. 

By optimizing mitochondrial function, you can improve your energy, cognition, metabolism, performance and healing while also controlling excessive inflammation. The components of Activate all work together, helping you to achieve your top mental and physical performance.

How does it work? Let’s break it down!

Key Activate Peptide Factors

  • MOTs-C

  • Humanin

  • NAD+

MOTs-C mirrors the majority of the health benefits of exercise. It stimulates AMPK, enhancing insulin sensitivity, boosting fat oxidation, and activating genes involved in cellular antioxidant defense.


Humanin is a mitochondrial peptide associated with longevity and improved brain health. It also guards against oxidative damage to neurons and programmed cell death in healthy cells.


NAD+ is a crucial cofactor in the synthesis of cellular energy. Cells with high NAD+ levels are metabolically effective and youthful in terms of biology. Administration of NAD+ supports a variety of areas of health related to enhanced mitochondrial activity, including improved cognitive function, greater insulin sensitivity, increased energy and metabolism, and improved immune function and balance.

The Activate Solution enhances cellular energy generation and antioxidant capacity, which benefits all facets of health, performance, lifespan, and healing.

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