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Whether suffering from chronic infections, fatigue or serious injuries, The Alleviate Solution uses its concentrated peptide combination to activate your recovery.

How does it work? Let’s break it down!

Key Alleviate
Peptide Factors

  • TA-1 (Thymosin Alpha 1)

  • BPC 157

  • GHK-Cu

TA-1 (Thymosin Alpha 1) can simultaneously improve and balance a healthy immune system. The body's inability to balance the immune response following infection causes chronic infection symptoms. TA-1 aids in the healing from these persistent viral disease symptoms by enhancing Th1 responses and immunological balance.

BPC 157 is compromised of 15 amino acids that protect organs and increase blood flow to damaged tissues, accelerating the overall healing of wounds. It supports the gut-brain axis, encourages a healthy immune response, and restores gut lining. 

Because of the analgesic properties of BPC 157, patients who have pain from muscular sprains, tears and damage may find relief from treatment with this peptide, as well.


A naturally occurring copper complex, GHK-Cu has been shown to have potential benefits for skin and overall health, such as stimulating collagen and elastin production for anti-aging effects, promoting wound healing, having antioxidant properties, and improving skin hydration.


The combination of the immune-regulating and tissue-healing peptides BPC 157 and GHK-Cu promote healing and recovery from various disorders. 


The ultimate recovery for illnesses, such as Covid brain fog, is our Alleviate Solution. These three peptides combined fight together against persistent exhaustion, injuries and infections. 

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