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Our Exhilarate Solution can be used to boost libido, enhance your sexual performance, as well as the sex-related emotions and behaviors that we experience.

How does it work? Let’s break it down!

Key Exhilarate
Peptide Factors

  • PT 141

  • Kisspeptin

  • Pinealon

Your brain's MC-4R receptor which is directly related to sexual arousal, motivation, desire and genital responses, is stimulated by PT 141. Additionally, it supports heart health, metabolism, and emotional issues surrounding sex.


Kisspeptin promotes the sex hormone axis through the hypothalamus, and is studied to improve overall concerns with psychosexual mental health and fertility. One of its functions is increasing testosterone, which enhances motivation and drive.


Pinealon, within the pineal gland, is what controls our sex hormones. Hormone imbalances and decreased libido can be brought on by an unhealthy circadian rhythm, stress, and inadequate sleep. This anti-aging peptide, Pinealon, can enhance the general components of health that influence sexual health by defending the brain and body against stress, reestablishing circadian rhythm, and enhancing sleep.


The Exhilarate Solution is extremely potent to effectively target your sexual health and vigor.

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