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High Priestess

The High Priestess Solution works as the embodiment of inner illumination. Reveal your most ethereal beauty from within by utilizing this powerful blend of peptides to optimize both your physical and internal health.

How does it work? Let’s break it down!

High Priestess

Peptide Factors

  • PT-141

  • Hexarelin

  • Selank

  • Tesamorelin

This libido-boosting peptide, PT-141 enhances overall sexual health, energy, and vitality by triggering the MC3R and MC4R receptors in our brains. 


As a synthetic growth hormone, Hexarelin works to increase prolactin and cortisol without increasing a person’s hunger.


Selank is composed of 7-amino acids and when combined with Hexarelin, they shield neurons, uplift your mood, increase cognitive function, and enhance your ability to withstand the challenges of stress.


Tesamorelin works synergistically with Hexarelin to increase growth hormone, promoting fat reduction, muscle mass and supportive bone density.


Women can improve their overall mood, sexual health and physical appearance and internal harmony by utilizing our High Priestess Solution.

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