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Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a non-invasive, soothing treatment that utilizes multi-wavelength technology light to stimulate and support your body’s own natural cellular processes, including the production of ATP.  Just as plants absorb and convert sunlight into cellular building blocks, skin absorbs therapeutic light and uses it as a source of energy to stimulate the body's natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells.


Each LightStim double panel uses different wavelengths, or colors, of light allowing for cellular regeneration to produce collagen and elastin, kill bacteria, reduce inflammation and speed healing. LED is often used as a layering treatment to help supporters and enhance the benefits of other services.


LightStim™ Combo/Acne

This light delivers a combination of blue, red, amber and infrared simultaneously to the lower levels of the skin to better destroy Propioni­bacterium acnes (P. acnes) bacteria, sparking collagen production while reducing inflammation, speeding healing and increasing circulation. FDA-cleared to treat mild to moderate acne, LightStim for Acne heals and calms existing blemishes, redness and inflammation and helps minimize future breakouts. 


LightStim™ Red 

The red light combines advanced red and infrared lights to increase circulation, reduce inflammation, accelerate healing, temporary relief of pain, and encourage deeper product absorption. It also stimulates collagen and elastin to prevent the early signs of aging and restore an overall radiant, healthy glow. It can accelerate healing and diminish bruising after lasers, peels, injectables and surgery. This light will give you that radiant glow of flawless skin.



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