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Get rid of the dreaded double chin with Kybella

One of the more common issues men and women deal with is that dreaded double chin!  Many of our clients seek a safe, non-surgical, and proven solution to eliminate it.  Kybella is one of the more effective treatments on the market that doesn’t require going under the knife.

Kybella is also known as deoxycholic acid. Kybella's active ingredient is a bile acid that naturally occurs in one's body. It helps in the absorption and breakdown of fat after injections. Multiple injections are made under the chin to effectively dissolve fat cells. Once those fat cells are destroyed, they are no longer able to accumulate or store as fat pockets. The patient experiences a reduction in the chin fat and elimination of the dreaded double chin, which creates a more defined profile.

Some practitioners have used Kybella as a fat reduction technique to treat fat deposits in other parts of the body, but these would be outside of the approved FDA parameters and considered 'off-label.' Determining proper doses per different areas of the body could be a challenge, but it's something that's being researched and developed for the near future. 

Coolsculpting is an alternative procedure that can also contour the chin and reduce fat pockets. Coolsculpting is an FDA approved treatment that freezes fat to eliminate it. It delivers precise, controlled cooling that gently targets fat deposits while leaving the skin unscathed. The fat-freezing technology is revolutionary, modern, and another approach we can use for both men and women to contour under the chin.  

For more information, and before and after pictures, please visit our website and call for your free consultation.  

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