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The Repair Solution is the most powerful brain healing combination of peptides. Repair can be utilized if you are looking to enhance your overall cognitive function, improve your focus and help rehabilitate your brain post injury of TBI.

How does it work? Let’s break it down!

Key Repair
Peptide Factors

  • PE-22-28

  • CJC 1295

  • BPC 157

  • Epithalon

PE-22-28 is a potent neuroregenerative peptide, with the most potent anabolic and healing peptides. It is a synthetic secondary for the peptide Spadin found naturally in our bodies within regions of the brain that control our moods, memory and learning capabilities.

CJC 1295 stimulates GH (growth hormone) which supports the growth, development, and myelination of brain tissue. 


BPC 157 supports the gut-brain axis, encourages a healthy immune response, and restores the gut lining, which is frequently damaged in individuals with brain injury. BPC 157 can shield neurons from oxidative injury and has strong healing effects on neuronal tissues.


The artificial pineal peptide hormone known as Epithalon aids in telomere lengthening, which permits more rounds of cell division. It is the synthetic version of the naturally produced Epithalamin. 

Whether recovering from a traumatic brain injury, concussion or illness, our Repair Solution is the best combination of outstanding healing peptides for neuroregeneration.

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