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With our Replenish Solution, you can improve your physiology in accordance with your circadian or morning/evening cycle. A significant portion of how we feel during the day is influenced by the energy flow that we regain naturally while we sleep. By injecting before bedtime, Replenish works to reset your system and allows you to recover from your hectic environment.


How does it work? Let’s break it down!

Key Replenish
Peptide Factors

  • Epithalon

  • Thymalin

  • CJC/Ipamorelin

  • BPC-157

Epithalon acts as a “modulator” of Telomerase, the enzyme responsible for maintaining and safeguarding the telomere caps at the ends of chromosomes (strands of DNA). 

Studies show Epithalon promotes telomere lengthening, working to slow cellular aging and the physical impacts of aging that we experience as a whole.


Thymalin works in tandem with the regenerative peptide BPC 157 to have synergistic effects that are anti-aging for the immune system, as well as regulating inflammation and pain.


Thymalin (a synthetic form of thymulin, a substance that controls pain and inflammation), can have beneficial impacts enhancing immunological function, preventing heart disease, and controlling sleep-wake cycles. Thymalin is also being studied in research trials for its revealed potential to lengthen life-span.


Ipamorelin is comprised of 5 amino acids with the ability to stimulate pituitary gland expression of secretion related to growth, which is crucial to the development and healing of skeletal and muscular tissue.

Ipamorelin also has the ability to boost IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor synthesis.


BPC 157 is an extraordinary pentadecapeptide of made of 15 amino acids. The Body Protection Compound (BPC), which was found in and isolated from juices within human gastric juices, has been documented to accelerate the healing of a wide range of lesions including muscle, tendon, and strained ligaments. BPC 157 has also demonstrated evidence of protecting organs and helping to avoid stomach ulcers. 

For treatment of leaky gut, IBS, gastrointestinal cramps, and Crohn's disease, BPC-157 works systemically in the digestive tract. Research has shown this peptide can also speed up the healing of skin burns by boosting blood flow to the injured tissues. BPC-157 dramatically speeds up angiogenesis, reticulin, and collagen formation, as well as the formation of new blood vessels which can dramatically improve wound healing.

With our Replenish Solution, your sleep is improved, muscle growth and fat reduction are encouraged, all while speeding up growth hormone and IGF-1 level production as you rest and reset your circadian rhythms.

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